Leased Line Business Broadband Solution – Wryde Croft Wind Farm Project


Wryde Croft Wind Farm Project

Wryde Croft Wind Farm is a 13 turbine project situated north east of Thorney, between Crowland and Parson Drove and north of the A47 ( .

RES (Renewable Energy Systems) as project developer approached InTouch Systems to provide advice on a cost effective, reliable solution to suit their business broadband needs.  During the project development stage, the site team need internet services provided to their construction modules.

The problem RES faced:

RES had been offered a very expensive leased line service from a well know Telecoms Corporation, however the nearest existing telecoms connection was miles away.  This meant that infrastructure would have to be extended to the site, at a cost to the project running into tens of thousands of pounds!   RES were keen therefore to source a local provider, with a more economical solution.

About ITSwisp:

The surrounding area around Thorney and the fens in particular with vast expanses of unobstructed flat landscape, is ideal for InTouch Systems’ in-house ITSwisp broadband service

Utilising existing infrastructure such as telecoms/industrial masts, ITSwisp is able to extend its wireless network across the fens, with minimal environmental impact.

The service is provided around Thorney by a small ITSwisp repeater located on an existing tall building belonging to a local business, just one small link in the ITSwisp network chain.

The Wryde Croft Wind Farm Project – The Broadband Solution:

The broadband solution was provided by an ITSwisp “BusinessLine10” package, providing a dedicated, symmetrical (same upload and download speeds) leased line.  A 14 cm diameter NanoBeam (ITSwisp receiver/transmitter) was located on a discrete pole, only a couple of metres above one of the temporary construction offices on site.  As the site was behind trees potentially blocking line of sight to the ITSwisp repeater in Thorney, the NanoBeam was raised just high enough to pick up the ITSwisp signal.

The Wind Farm project team are now benefiting from a business class, reliable, broadband service provided by the local ITSwisp network, at a cost saving of several thousands of pounds per year and one less thing to think about!

Feedback on ITSwisp from Jonathan Sole, RES Telecoms Engineer:

“The traditional connection solutions RES was offered were simply not suitable for our requirements at Wryde Croft Wind Farm due to the distance from the local BT exchange,” explains Jonathan Sole, RES Telecoms Engineer. “Reliable communications between the site team and external contractors is absolutely essential in ensuring that the wind farm is constructed on time and to budget with minimal disruption for the local community.

“InTouch Systems really listened to what we wanted and were able to offer a cost-effective, timely and reliable solution to our on-site internet connection requirements. We have been delighted with their service and professionalism.”