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We offer all our Business packages on a 12 month contract
With ITSwisp what you see is what you get, our advertised speeds are sustainable and reliable and we will never use ‘Up To’ or ‘Burst’ speeds to confuse you.

  • Standard installation for just £100

  • All standard business prices shown are subject to the addition of VAT at the current rate

  • All ITSwisp packages include one free e-mail address (prefix name subject to availability)

Business 4000

Our entry level Business package, it's easy to upgrade at any time in contract if you want to go faster!
12-month contract (price shown per month)
£ 34.00
  • Download 4 Mbps
  • Upload 1 Mbps
  • Monthly limit 30 GB

Business 8000

Our middle of the road business package, for those of you who need a higher monthly limit.
12-month contract (price shown per month)
£ 40.00
  • Download 8 Mbps
  • Upload 2 Mbps
  • Monthly limit 60 GB

Business 8000+

Our fastest standard Business package, with an unlimited monthly limit (subject to standard fair usage).
12-month contract (price shown per month)
£ 50.00
  • Download 8 Mbps
  • Upload 4 Mbps
  • Unlimited monthly usage (subject to standard fair usage)

* Our unlimited packages are subject to a fair usage policy, see details below:

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