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A variety of 4G packages are available from ITSWisp
ITSwisp has a variety of 4G packages on offer, contact us for full details.

See below an example of one of our standard 4G packages, which is also available under the BDUK voucher scheme, with free installation and equipment with valid voucher (subject to area survey and availability).

The package is available without a voucher, but installation and equipment fees will apply.


Our entry level 4G package, it's easy to upgrade at any time in contract if you want to go faster. All 4G packages are subject to area survey and availability of 4G service.
12-month contract (price shown per month)
£ 33.25
  • Monthly cost £33.25 per month (inc VAT)
  • Headline Download Speed 25 Mbps
  • Headline Upload Speed 10 Mbps
  • Monthly Data Allowance 10 GB
  • Free installation and 4G router with valid BDUK voucher. Also available to subscribers (subject to area survey and availability of 4G service) without voucher, but installation costs and equipment fees will apply, contact us for full details.
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