Business packages

Our wireless BUSINESS broadband packages:

ITSwisp Business:

Monthly Cost:


Monthly Limit:

All our ITSwisp package prices include one free e-mail address (prefix name subject to availability).
Download 4 Mbps/
Upload 1 Mbps
30 GB
Download 8 Mbps/
Upload 2 Mbps
60 GB
Download 8 Mbps/
Upload 4 Mbps
Unlimited *

With ITSwisp what you see is what you get, our advertised speeds are sustainable and reliable and we will never use ‘Up To’ or ‘Burst’ speeds**  to confuse you.
All ITSwisp BUSINESS package prices shown exclude VAT and are subject to a £100 installation fee.

Minimum computer specification for all itswisp internet connections:
  • Processor:
    1GHz or faster
  • RAM:
    1GB (32bit) or 2GB (64bit)
  • Graphics card:
    Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device or higher

* Our unlimited packages are subject to a fair usage policy. ** If other service providers advertise speeds as UpTo 4 MB, or maximum Burst speeds of 4 MB, be wary of this. Burst speeds are temporary and only last for seconds; if a provider advertises speeds in this way you need to ask what your actual sustained speed will be! Burst speeds are a very clever marketing ploy, so that a service can be advertised at a much higher speed than it really is.