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COVID-19 Update November 2020

Throughout the new lockdown period for England, we will continue to provide and support our essential business services. Our continued focus is the welfare of our team and ensuring the continuity of service for our customers.
We have been working hard throughout the crisis and our operating guidelines are subject to constant review, according to the latest government information.

We continue to take steps to limit the impact on our employees and customers. Please see the latest information published by us, this will be regularly reviewed and revised according to the latest UK Government advice.

Steps we are taking:

All staff have been provided with the tools to work remotely and securely from home if necessary, therefore ensuring the provision of our services throughout any potential ‘lockdown’ period.

We have instigated regular communication to employees reiterating public health guidance. We have in place additional hygiene measures in offices, for example, hand sanitiser and wipes.

Following PHE guidance on self-isolation for any employees returning from high-risk areas, or who have a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath, even if symptoms are mild.

Currently we are not deploying our staff to any physical premises, except in the event of a business critical situation for our customers. We will be utilising technology to remotely access systems for diagnostic and repair purposes, as an alternative to a physical presence, wherever possible.

If our staff do need to attend physical premises, they will take additional precautions such as (but not limited to):

  • Use of hand sanitiser before entering and on exit of customer premises

  • Wiping surfaces and equipment in immediate work areas

  • Wiping any company devices used for sign off

  • Not accepting drinks

Planning stages you need to consider for your own business/organisation’s continuity:

The current situation is likely to affect your business/ organisation; therefore, we have outlined some guidance for your own planning below.
  • VPN access and provision of devices, for those with infrastructure to allow remote users to connect to your network externally.

  • Security aspects for anyone using the services from their homes (staff broadband speeds and antivirus as examples).

  • Out of office responses to e-mails - how you will respond during this period. Email facilities on employee phones (please consider GDPR issues for staff and customers).

  • Phone systems and lines consider temporary diverts to staff mobiles or landline numbers.

  • Consider internet capabilities of your employees and/or business will it be robust enough to handle an influx of remote users. Consider backup alternatives, such as 4G.

  • Availability of new equipment, this may need to be ordered in. Due to demands on current stock levels, advance planning is essential.

The measures we have taken have had no impact on our business operations; and should the guidance from the government change over the coming days and weeks, we are fully prepared to enable our staff to work from home.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you wish for consultancy advice on crisis planning.

All our core systems and services at our office have resilient power in multiple sources (UPS and generator), and our remotely localised services have at minimum a UPS.

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