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Residential VoIP

If you currently have wireless broadband, you can also have a phone service which works with it! VoIP is internet-based telephone calling. This means you don't need a physical landline, or cables all over the house.
Voice over IP (VoIP) is essentially a digital phoneline which works through the internet, rather than using a traditional physical copper line. The phoneline runs through your broadband, and any equipment we supply for this service will plug directly into your router instead of an Openreach socket. VoIP works similarly to Skype or WhatsApp for example, but utilises a handset. We can port/migrate your existing number over too, or supply a new number based on your location (such as an 01603 number).

VoIP prices are inclusive of VAT:
Digital Line Rental - £7.50 per month
DECT Base & Handset combo - £115.00
Additional Handsets (each) - £58.80
Existing number port - £25.00
OR new number - £0.00

We also have other packages available, as well as inclusive call options – If you would like any further information at all, please call our friendly team on 01603 904040

Residential VoIP usage charges from 1st December 2020 (Excluding VAT)

Country Charge per minute
UK Local / National 01/02 - Approximately 1p per minute.
UK Mobile (Main Networks) - Approximately 6p per minute.
Call charges subject to the addition of VAT at the current standard rate.
No minimum call charge. No connection charge. Per second billing.

Please be aware that your VoIP service requires power and a broadband connection to make and receive calls. Please ensure that you have a secondary means of external contact in the event of an emergency, should you be subject to a power cut or loss of broadband service.
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