ITSwisp speed test

Test your WISP connection by following the link to the Performance Tester at the bottom of this page, which allows you to test the performance of your WISP connection.

Point to note – before you begin Speed Test preparations – as part of your WISP package you may have a limit of GBs you can download per month (depending on which package you subscribe to). First of all if you are experiencing slow speeds, check your current data usage by typing: into your internet browser, to view your remaining monthly data allowance. This must be checked whilst you are using the WISP connection, for it to work.


Before beginning the test, please ensure the following is carried out:


  • Your computer is plugged into the WISP connection to be tested. This tester may not work on iPads/Tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.
  • Your computer is directly connected to your router via an Ethernet Connection (i.e. not via a wireless or powerline adapters).
  • Any wireless adapter in your computer is switched off.
  • Close any programs that may be running on your computer. This includes any background programs such as anti-virus software, corporate VPNs, peer2peer clients etc. (Please ensure you re-enable any anti-virus software after you have finished testing).
  • Restart your browser.
  • Ensure no other people or devices (e.g. broadband-connected TV set-top boxes) are using the WISP connection to be tested.

Speed Test Information:

Follow this link to use the Speed Test facility for WISP connections.

Then just click on the big GO image on screen!

If you have any questions about your current package and data usage or WISP connection speed, please use our contact page, or call our support team during office hours (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5.30 pm (excluding Public Holidays) on: 01603 425209.